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Spice Exchange


Spice Exchange

Identity • Branding

Spice Exchange is a (fictional) merchant of flavors, created for a course in building brands and identities. The product is inspired by spice markets across the globe and fond memories of family meals.

Our Mission

As a global commodity, spices connect us and influence how we create, consume, and gather around food. Our emphasis on non-exploitive practices allows our community of growers and suppliers to thrive, ensuring a selection of high quality spices made with healthy plants and traditional preservation methods.

Our Brand

We pride ourselves in our no-frills approach to marketing. We let our products do the talking. Our visual brand emphasizes three important principles: intimacy, curiosity, and transparency. We want people to get up close and personal with our products, to imagine culinary possibilities and beautiful messes waiting to happen, and to understand that we have nothing to hide.

Logo and Color Palette





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